Two years ago, friends from BCBP Los Angeles and BCBP Sacramento came to Ohio to plant the “seeds” of BCBP Columbus. After this initial “sowing,” brothers and sisters from Chicago, NY and Washington DC and even from BCBP Mactan came monthly to share, to teach and to do the missionary work to help the seed grow.

Practically all BCBP brothers and sisters who were in nearby states came to help our fledgling group, but formally, we became “mission” territory or outreach of BCBP Chicago, who sustained the mission work all these times.

Most of these months we hosted them in our home, and we are the “richer” for this because, as The Lord says, “whoever gives even a cup of water, for my sake” or words to that effect, will have their reward. Well, the friendships we developed are indeed the “rewards.”

But the Chicago group also had fun along the way, as we know that the “Lord renews the strenght of those who serve Him.” “Even if they happen to be mostly Bol-anons, Lord?” Oops, “joke only,” as we say in Visayan.

Today ( October 2018), BCBP Central Ohio continues to struggle and to grow. We know that only God can make seed grow. And so we ask The Lord of the Harvest, “Lord, when?”

First BCBP Ohio breakfast, Worthington Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio