“ A house in Oro Vista” page 97, of my book “”Houses of my life.” Westerville Press, 2014

As I listen to Nora Jones sing “ I would cross the endless sea, I would die in ecstasy, my heart is drenched in wine, you’ll be on my mind forever…” my own mind wanders off to my house (in Oro Vista) again.

A house old and leaking but more valuable now, because of inflation, full of memories, joys and tears, shed quietly.

To a house where my wife and I brought “shelter” to the hearts of our children.

And even to friends, serving as a sanctuary for them ( their names I will not mention for they know who they are), they with domestic issues, and temporarily dodging spouses.

A house whose door saw me come home often from my trips both far and wide.

Where my wife always waited for me, heart always in hand, and with that unfolding smile that is mine, and is now part of me.

What value would life be to me, without her smile, that almost perfect outpouring of her soul?

For the woman I love, the children we raised, the house we raised them in are so fused and yet so into each other that thoughts of one always evokes the other.

In June 6, 2005, we received this letter, written from this house, by Myra, our daughter:

“Dearest Mom and Dad,

Hello! We are slowly moving in here to Oro Vista. Actually there isn’t much we need since it is quite complete.

Everyone is happy to have their “own space,” even Mari who is using Dad’s desk.

It’s really quiet and peaceful here in O.V. And as long as we can remember this house has been a place of solace, spiritual and physical nourishment and peace and contentment.

Love always,