Today, of course, we have a Pope. A Jesuit Pope! We all know that Jesuits have a special vow of obedience to the Pope and this Catholic world’s largest religious congregation have a special reason to celebrate the election of Pope Francis.

Many have asked why a Jesuit Pope would choose Francis as his Papal name, when St Francis was the founder of the Franciscans? Well, somebody said the Jesuits also had a Francis, Francis Xavier the missionary to China and India.

I personally feel that I know Pope Francis. Why? Because he is a Jesuit and I could name more than two dozen Jesuits that influenced me deeply.

Like the present Pope, they were all missionaries and/had the missionary spirit. I could name them all but that would only bore you to death.

Suffice it to say that they knew how to live simply ( Like the present Pope), they understood the value of creatures ( like money or wealth), they spent much time in prayer and while they evangelized others, they were also conscious that cultural evangelization that addressed issues of justice, poverty and peace were paramount.

Sure we have a Pope. But more important it was the Holy Spirit who guided the Cardinals to this decision.

It was The Lord who made all this possible.

So tonight I bring my family out for dinner to celebrate this great event.

When the Pope gave his blessings (after he asked a moment of silence from the throng to pray for him), I accepted his blessings for my family and for another family in Canada who have members who are sick.

I was praying and hopeful that our good friend Jesuit Archbishop Antonio Ledesma of Cagayan would be made a cardinal and so be eligible to become Pope too so then we can finally say, one more time, that we know the Pope personally.

That may or may not happen in our lifetime. Suffice it to say that we have a Jesuit for a Pope and what a great blessings for a world to have a leader like this.

A Pope, a Jesuit, a Latino. We live indeed in interesting times.