Thank you Ed,* very enlightening indeed.

It’s so varied, multifactorial, and non-predetermined life is, that the longer we last, and old, we become constipated with ideas and so we tend to regurgitate them or have diarrhea of prose, we then become philosophers who more than likely, gravitate our ideas to resigning, to faith and a Supreme Being upon whom we rest our case.

Quite contradictory at some point as we heavily rely on God, upon whom but which we should not , exceedingly, which could be tantamount to not believing in oneself and in our own power to live , an attribute that He already bestowed upon man, so we can prevail if used wisely and not to look back and up, asking for help?

Somewhere a gentleman has reached 80, the zenith of a destiny he worked so hard all his life for, and we rejoice. One fine philosopher.




( * Eduardo S. Canlas, Adjunct Professor,International Economics,

Ohio Dominican University ).

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