Hi Tito Ed. Here are 4 podcasts that you might be interested to view and share with others.

We in the Catholic charismatic renewal greatly value the Lord’s gift to us and to the Church of the charismatic (spiritualized) life. We appreciate and exercise the spiritual gifts such as praying in tongues, etc.

Yet, with some frequency, the charismatic renewal and the spiritual gifts also come under severe criticism; some people (including Catholic priests) even raise concerns of demonic influence in the exercise of the charismatic gifts. As you can imagine, a number of our brothers and sisters in our communities become confused or bothered by such criticisms.

In order to “set the record straight” on the legitimacy of the renewal and the charismatic gifts, and also to explain the gift of tongues, I have produced these podcasts. Each of them is about 10 minutes long. The titles are:

1. The Catholic Church and the Spiritual Gifts

2. What is the Baptism in the Holy Spirit?

3. What is the Gift of Tongues?

4. Some Misconceptions about Tongues

Feel free to use and share them in BCBP and with other groups as you like. Thanks.