“Bubbles” in summer swimming pool parlance, especially in teaching toddlers to go and lower their heads below the water line ( under supervision, of course) was, or is used by an instructor to mean “practice correct breathing” when teaching beginners.

Today’s famous “bubble,” is NBA’s basketball camp or resort in Orlando, Florida where all qualifying teams, players, coaches, staff et are isolated, quarantined, and safely monitored, then allowed to compete in a gym, without a live audience, yet seen by millions of fans in the US or the world.

Violators of the safety protocols in this “bubble,” like girlfriends of players or others are dealt with immediately for the health benefit of all in the bubble.

One such possible “bubble,” is the White House where the US president lives, and we know why even the smallest amount of disrespect for the virus, and the protocols connected to protecting ourselves from it, could have, as indeed it has, bad consequences for all.

The church(es) where we worship is also a “bubble.” Slowly my wife and I have returned to Sunday services in our parish church, and even to daily masses where strict protocols are observed, and in our case, as probably in others, most worshippers are seniors. The parish school next to our church is humming with activity and school children. They too, do their protocols.

Our own nuclear family is also a “bubble”, more or less, and as a precaution, we are conscious of and strive to avoid cross fertilizing this “family bubble.”

But “bubbles” are not perfect and multi generational factors could complicate or even jeopardize it.

This being the case, we still observe all protocols to the degree possible, but at the end of the day, we literally, simply pray and seek protection from the greatest “Bubble” creator of all, that He, Our Father, may grant us mercy and relief.