Can you help her? How? By helping her “stock up” her empty store in order to survive this pandemic threat to her family.

Any amount will be appreciated and acknowledged.

Her house ( six occupants) w one daily wage earner (P350 per day) and another out of work.

House we built for her 4 years ago : 2 Rooms, 1 bath, 6 occupants

Her neighborhood

“Squatter area” ( next to Portofino) is not its politically correct description

Map Site of Project w houses

Her goal: start a small store; cook up some food for sale.

The store we built for her As of June 16, 2020

Her wish list(s) and her chance to survive the pandemic. Make it happen!

Partial list

The back road to the unfinished box culvert of a bridge across a small ravine to open up her village to highway, soon.

Donations of $30, $50, or $100 may be sent by VENMO, PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, etc. to Dr Eduardo S Canlas at (614 260 0480)

As of June 20, 2020


To contribute to this CDO “Project” kindly use my

Fifth Third Bank ( Sancus Branch) Account:

Eduardo S Canlas 728 330 3779 Routing Number: 04 400 2161

Email (

Or, if you are in the Philippines, send pesos to Dr. Anselmo B. Mercado, ( 0917- 598-0247)

Project Goal: $500 (US)

Dr Mercado is Chairman, FICCO Foundation, Philippines), a subsidiary of FICCO Credit Union Inc., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, the largest community type credit cooperative in the Philippines.

Dr. Canlas was Chairman of FICCO in the 1980’s.

If Monica G. Funa succeeds and pays back some or all the donated assistanceor contributions, the same amount will be “recycled” for another family in the same neighborhood for other enterprises like a barbershop, beauty salon, etc. Like many others, in her neighborhood, Monica failed to receive the Phil Govt. Stimulus aid of $120 (6000 PhP) because she was not “listed,” by village officials.

“Your surplus may be some family’s survival” Anonymous.

Contributions will be acknowledged in this Blog.

Contributions as of 6/20/2020

Noel Canlas. $50

Ed and Lita Canlas $400

Cristina C. Ricafort $50

Lourdes Canlas $50

Eric Cordeta $50

Donations in kind like store equipment, etc are welcome.

June 21 NEWS: From Bro. Bong Pelaez.

Ed, we are now conducting BCBP NSPR (National Strategic Planning Retreat) 6 for 2021 to 2025.

Our Group # 8 has been tasked on The Pro Poor Program. If you will allow, I will share this to the group in our zoom 4PM Meeting today.