” the soul is silent. If it speaks at all, it speaks in dreams.”

Louisse Gluuck, Nobel lauareate. 2020

At around 10 pm, before retiring, as I lay in bed, I decided (because I was a bit tired) not to say my usual long evening prayers but to simply say these words:

“ I love you God; I love you Holy Spirit; I love you Jesus.”

And because I was praying these short words, I decided to add: “ I love you Mother Mary and I love you too St Joseph.”

This was an unusual prayer for me for its directness and its brevity.

And so I slept. And I woke up at around.11:00 pm because I had dreamt that I was inside a box, not narrow but grey and widish, and I was lying there alone.

I was not scared but I only wondered to myself that this must.be how it is to be inside a coffin. And I woke up and I ask my wife Lita to say a prayer for me, “Lita, please pray over me,” which she did.

Since there was no fear in the dream I believe that this dream came from God or from my guardian angel. So, I decided to write it down.

The morning after, when we were waiting for the bus of Lita to come, I told her about my dream the night before and she said it may have been triggered by a TV show we were watching earlier about the quarrel that a couple had when the husband sold his wife’s cemetery plot to a friend. So that explains it a bit. But scripture explains it further.

St. Paul says, “Who, for example knows a man’s innermost self but the man’s own spirit within him? Similarly, no one knows what lies at the depths of God but the Spirit of God. The Spirit we have received is not the world’s spirit but God”s Spirit, helping us to recognize the gifts he has given us. We speak of these not in words of human wisdom but in words taught by the Spirit, thus interpreting spiritual things in spiritual terms…the spiritual man, on the other hand, can appraise everything though he himself can be appraised by no one.” 1 Cor 2: 11-16.

Come to think of it, dreams are spiritual activities. And we must be aware of our own human spirit, as contrasted to the Spirit of God. St. Paul concludes by saying: ” Who has the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him? But we have the mind of Christ.”

At today’s mass, we read “Almighty and ever living God, who in the abundance of your kindness surpass the merits and the desires of those who entreat you… pour out your mercy upon us… to pardon what conscience dreads… and to give what prayer does not dare to ask, through Our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son.”

So there: it is all about God’s mercy and His grace.

So I begin to think what can I still do for God who continues to bless and to love me, my wife and my family.

Praise you Father, praise you Holy Spirit and praise you Jesus. Amen