Today Lizanne and I witnessed an event we parents wish for. As I was about to end my morning prayers, Juanlo entered our room, in coat and tie, and with a big smile. He just finished a video interview with one of the country’s top companies, and felt that he did pretty well. We ended with a note to continue praying for the Lord’s blessings. An hour later, while Lizanne and I were having breakfast, Juanlo joined us again, this time with an even bigger smile and the wonderful news that his recruiter just called to say that he got hired! We were all thrilled as we talked about what the future might hold for him. This was one of our best breakfasts ever! Thinking about it now, I realize how lucky Lizanne and I were to share that moment with our son and to see him all so happy. I can only praise God that today, He allowed us to be at the right place and the right time, to personally witness and enjoy this blessed moment.

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