She was there in front of St. Elizabeth church unloading the second of her two sons, one of whom was already safely set in the double pushcart beside her grey SUV.

She, meanwhile, continued to untangle her other son inside. Both sons, of blond hair, may be between 3 and 5 years old.

I knew that she had travelled two hours for the scheduled twice monthly healing ministry of the group of my brother Danny, who is head of the Columbus Catholic Renewal.

So, I asked “are you the one who drove from Medina (Ohio)?

So when she said yes, I asked if she came for the healing. Then she revealed that her son has this rare disease which causes a hunger against which food itself will not satisfy ( leading to obesity, and diabetes), scoliosis, and that not only is this a rare condition but that it also has no known cure.

And so I figured that she had come to The Lord for healing for her son.

Immediately I thought of the mother in the biblical village of Naim, but no, this mother is not a widow, and her “sick” son is not yet so sick as to look sick, but diagnosed with a disorder whose symptoms is predicted to appear, though not apparent now.

I saw two blond, handsome, smiling, healthy and good looking boys as well as a mother who I realize, knew enough to seek the help of The Lord.

For it was from another church, as I sat to pray with our group, our usual prayers and rosary regimen that my brother pulled me out and told me about the coming of this Mom from Medina, Ohio and asked whether I would like to join them in the prayers for her?

I had no inkling of what Jesus planned for me then and for us that fateful morning, only to experience in the event about to happen, that “Yes, angels do exist,” and “that little ones…have their angels in heaven…who look upon the face of my Heavenly Father” (Matt 18:1-5)

The Mom, though not literally the angel sent from heaven herself, was aptly baptized with the name “Angela,” and while her son(s) were not the children Jesus called over to tell the apostles “that unless you become like children, you will not enter the Kingdom of heaven,” there was enough similarity as to make one wonder.

To wonder enough to ask why, instead of “angels from heaven,” that God would, instead send us moms, named “Angela(s)?” to care for us.

On this morning there were layhands on the sick, and a priestly anointing with holy oils

And I begin to reflect, that indeed, if we only have enough of our members in the BCBP Movement who have total belief and faith, and the courage to exercise this ministry of healing, that there would be many more miracles waiting only to happen.