It is one such glorious day, when words like “ He holds in his hand the depths of the earth and the highest mountains as well,” blends in with music from Roger Williams so that God’s words are so delivered in such sequence that one can listen in such relaxed attention as when one’s own dad speaks to him.

Like, “ do not grown stubborn as your fathers did,”

Or, “O Spirit, fill our hearts this day, with grace to hear and grace to pray,”

And “You make springs gush forth in the valleys: they flow in between the hills,”

And “from your dwelling you water the hills: earth drinks its fill of your gift.”

And “the trees of the Lord drink their fill,”

“You made the moon to mark the months: the sun knows the time for its setting;”

And “Man goes forth to his work; to labour till evening falls,”

“There is the sea vast and wide…the ships are moving there, and the monsters you made to play with.”

And “I will sing to the Lord, all my life; make music to my God while I live,”

“Bless the Lord, O my soul,”