How does it all begin?

First, there is an invitation

Then, Registration: Ho-hum

But if one is observant one will notice that during registration classification begins: The “First-timers,” the “Associates,”

Followed by “Regular members.”

Then you enter the Breakfast Hall and you begin wondering, oh, ” who are these folks?” And, you can see that these are ordinary folks: men and women relaxed and standing around; some in tables with family members, etc etc

Then the breakfast begins with a “couple sharing,” or if warranted, a “men sharing,” or a woman sharing,” “Ok,” you ask, so what’s next? You will then notice that the sharings are mostly conversion stories, or of lives lived before conversions or after, and how the BCBP played a part in the conversion stories.

There will be a Scriptural response after the sharing, and then there will be a Response Song ( scripture based) Ok, so you say.

Then more “picture, picture” and everybody is smiling

So is this the end? No, it is just the beginning. What you have just experienced is an evangelization event, maybe you can say, with Scott Hahn, an evangelization of Catholics by Catholics, but no, this is a Christian group and a Catholic group at the same time.

So, what is the GOAL then?

The GOAL is to build a community which make it possible for a person to live a Christian life.” More specifically, to enable Christians to live a fuller life in the Holy Spirit.

It is truly a basic Christian community except that the Breakfast is the “invite” event. Other events would include: prayer meetings, prayer assembling, Christian formation seminars, baptism in the Holy Spirit, encouraging members to frequent the sacraments and regular church going, etc etc. In short, BCBP is a praying, serving and learning community.